It's Gift Guide Season + Bon Kid Save The Date

Dear Parkette Pals, 

Welcome to our first edition of the Parkette 2022 holiday gift guide! We've asked our pals and family to pick out 5 items from the shop that they would love to receive this holiday season and we'll be sharing them with you in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

If you're not into gift guides, scroll down to save the date - we're hosting a pop-up with Bon Kid, a collection of vintage and modern previously loved children’s clothing & accessories!

First up are Will's Parkette Picks - Will is almost five, he's got a very sweet tooth and he's a fan of dinosaurs and ocean creatures. Without further ado, here are his top 5 Parkette picks:

1.Obsessive about Octopuses: Did you know that an octopus has three hearts? And that they are particularly intelligent, with some being known to use tools? Dive into this fascinating illustrated guide all about the aliens of the deep. From the truly terrifying giant Pacific octopus to the inventive common octopus, find out where they live, what they eat and how we can protect them. Another entry in acclaimed illustrator Owen Davey’s popular “About Animals” series, featuring his signature minimalist art style with colourful, design-oriented layouts—Obsessive About Octopuses is sure to delight kids as well as adult cephalopod fans. Reading age 5-9 years.

2. I Saw It First! Ocean: Three hundred ocean creatures populate the board of this carefully engineered game. Some are familiar like the blue whale, sockeye salmon and the clownfish, others less so, like the water bear, barreleye and horse-eye jack. Pick a counter from the box and be the first to spot that animal on the board. Coming in a triangular box with a hexagonal double-sided board, I Saw It First! Ocean features charming illustrations by Caroline Selmes. Simple to understand but addictive to play, this fun and challenging game by Laurence King will delight adults and children alike. Ages 3+

3. Djeco Tattoos - Dino Club: Two temporary tattoo sheets with a dinosaur theme to delight dino fanatics. The sheets are pre-cut to easily detach the tattoos. Easy to use: just apply a bit of water. Dermatologically tested. You can remove them with soap and water or a mild make-up remover. Ages 3+

4. Mudpuppy Ankylosaurus Mini Puzzle: The Ankylosaurus Mini Puzzle from Mudpuppy features a colourful image of an Ankylosaurus dinosaur. The 48 piece puzzle measures 8 x 5.75” so it’s perfect for train or airline tray tables. A two-sided insert includes a larger image of the puzzle on one side and fun facts about the Ankylosaurus on the other. Ages 4+

5. Hey Yum! Fruit Gummies: These delicious organic fruit gummies are free from artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives. Available in the shop only, in both vegan and regular (honey) varieties. 


We're hosting our first in-store pop-up on Saturday, November 19th and it's Bon Kid, a Toronto-based online shop featuring a beautifully curated selection of vintage and modern preloved children’s clothing & accessories. Come visit us and check out Bon Kid's preloved collection. We're continuing our Hamilton Day in-store promo for all of November, so all CAD 50+ orders will receive a Parkette tote bag on us - whether you shop preloved or new! If you'd like to acquaint yourself with Bon Kid's cute pieces you can check them out on Instagram @shopbonkid or at

Looking forward to seeing you in the shop and thanks as always for supporting this small business 💘

Maria and Sarah (a.k.a. the Parkette team :)

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