A Gift Guide Full of Cute

Dear Parkette Pals, 

We're proud to present to you the second edition of our 2022 holiday gift guide - today we're showcasing Julia's favourite things!

Julia is just shy of seven, pink is her favourite colour, she loves cats and mermaids, playing games with friends and family, styling outfits and anything kawaii.

These are her top 5 Parkette picks:

1. Lore of the Wild: Folklore and Wisdom From Nature: See nature in a whole new light with this enchantingly illustrated treasury of natural folklore and wild wisdom from around the world. Did you know that people used to believe that rabbits’ ears would twitch in the direction of a thunderstorm? That lily of the valley flowers were formed from fairies’ drinking cups? Traditional nature folklore can help us understand how our ancestors interacted with the world around them and allows us to view nature from a new perspective. Stunningly delicate and magical illustrations capture the magic and strangeness inherent in natural folklore, and cultures from around the world are represented in this comprehensive compendium. Ages 6-12.


2. Gatcha Gatcha Bingo Set: Turn the star on this beautiful bingo machine by kiko+ & gg*, a wooden toy manufacturer from Osaka, Japan, and see which numbers appear from 1 to 50. How about using the numbers to count or teach maths? The set also comes with a lovely cloth bag to help keep it tidy. There are 30 special bingo cards so get your game on! Made with sustainably-sourced wood and hand-crafted in small batches in Asia. Ages 3+


3. Nailmatic Water-based Nail Polish: This water-based nail polish for kids was conceived by grown-ups very much in touch with their inner child, and is 100% washable - a bit of soapy water and poof, it’s gone! Good news for your sofa and carpeting. If it falls on clothes or fabric, don’t let it dry and wash asap. Ages 3+


4. Ricebombshell Plushie: Ricebombshell is a bubby mermaid who lives in Ricetown beach. She has fluffy pink rabbit ears, a cute blue fish tail and an embroidered face. This cute bunny makes a great friend for fun adventures and a whole lot of smiles. Ages 0+


5. Jungle Cats Matra Mini S Backpack: The perfect companion for any adventure, the Matra Mini S backpack is kid-approved, inspired by classic hiking backpacks, and made responsibly by YKRA, a family-owned and operated company based in Budapest, Hungary. YKRA uses thick “duck” OEKO-TEX® 100 STANDARD certified cotton canvas made from 100% cotton woven in the Czech Republic. It’s dyed using eco-friendly dyes. For their sturdy straps, YKRA uses vegetable tanned cowhide, a natural by-product of the meat industry sourced from reliable and transparent sources. The leather is made in Italy, and cut in Hungary.


 Stay tuned for our next gift guide edition coming Thursday, November 24th!

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